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Where are you heading? Discover events, festivals, etc..

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Welcome to idventure

idventure lets you know what’s on, where to go, and what to look for, to take your next trip from great to amazing. We believe travel can be truly life-changing - there are hidden delights and fabulous finds out there just waiting for you to discover them. This is about finding your own path so you can go a different way.

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Pack in more fun or take a quick detour to add some spice along the way using our events calendar. A quick check can show you what’s on and where to help you plan what to do while you’re in country or help plan which destination to explore next.

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Travel tips

Here you’ll find some great tips and key insider info from fellow idventurers that’s current, relevant and seriously easy to navigate. They’ll share the know-how to help you get off the beaten track and go a different way.

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Border Crossings

Get land and sea border crossing details from people who have been in your shoes and can point you in the right direction.


Jump into some volunteering and give a little something back to the global community as part of your travelling adventures. Filled with plenty of information, contacts and reviews by fellow travellers, this section will be invaluable to you.

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‘idventurers’ are travellers, volunteer organisations, businesses and travel bloggers that immerse themselves in local culture and seek out new experiences; looking beyond the tourist guides to find their own adventure.

idventurers are about connections. It’s about people sharing with like-minded people so we can all discover more. Collectively, we seek out the exciting, the inspiring, the amazing and wonderful and share it with other idventurers so they can venture there too.

To join, simply create a free profile and start sharing your own travel experiences and pics, review and recommend, add the tips you’ve picked up along the way and help someone else go a different way.

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